See & Experience Almost it ALL in

11 Days


►Cooking Class, Using Centuries-Old Recipes

►Watching One of the Best Sunsets on Earth at Ha Long Bay (April through September only)

►Interacting with Mountain Tribes & Immersing in Their Cultures

►The Inviting Little Streets, Alleyways & Food Stalls Found in the Capital, Hanoi

►Cruises on Tranquil Lakes & Postcard-Perfect Bays

►Majestic Rice Fields

►Kayaking or Bamboo Rafting (choose between the two)

►A Hill Station Resembling a ‘Mini Paris’

►Traditional Markets

►Trekking at Ba Be National Park

►Guided Tours to Caves & Temples

►And Much, Much More...

Type of Tour:   Adventure & Sightseeing

Fully Guided?  All tours are almost fully guided.

Although virtually all actives on this multi-day tour are shared with other travelers, we can make the trip almost completely private, per your request.

Are Solo Travelers Welcomed?

Yes & There are No Supplemental Fees for the Tours! 

Dates & Availability for the Next 12 Months. Any Date w/ 7-Day Notice (some exceptions are made)

Prices are subject to changed until booked.


Day 1: Where Your Fantasy Trip Begins

Our tour begins in the city of Da Nang. The highlights for today are Dragon Bridge, which features a rather unique architectural design, and the beach near our hotel. Today is used mostly for getting settled in.


Day 2: Learning Vietnamese Cuisine

& the Country’s Prettiest Town

Today we make a day trip from Da Nang to the charming town of Hoi An. En route, we make a stop in an area called Marble Mountains (a.k.a. Ngũ Hành Sơn). This is essentially a cluster of five marble and limestone hills. All of the mountains have cave entrances and numerous tunnels. Of the five hills, we are taken specifically to Mount Thuy. To reach the top, we take the elevator. Once at the top, we visit a cave and a pagoda.

We arrive in Hoi An mid-afternoon. Lunch is included on today’s tour. After our meal, we are provided with a guided tour of the town. Highlights include the local outdoor market, the traditional homes, the bridge, and the silk shops.


After our sightseeing tour, we are taken to a local restaurant. We take a cooking class there. Dinner is included on today’s tour. Once done with our meal, we have a walk around town. It is beautifully illuminated at night. We return to Da Nang in the nighttime.

Day 3: A Resort Built by French Architects

& a Bridge Designed Like No Other

Before relocating by flight from Da Nang to the capital that is Hanoi, we visit a hill station and resort called Ba Na Hill Station (a.k.a. Ba Na Hills). It was founded in 1919 by French colonists. It was built as a leisure destination for French tourists. Being located 1500 meters above sea level, it has a view of the East Sea and the surrounding mountains. We reach this hill station and resort by cable car. In operation since March 29, 2013, it holds the world record for the longest nonstop single track cable car, at 5,801 meters (19,032 feet) in length. Highlights of our tour include the internationally acclaimed Golden Bridge, the garden, and the wine cellar. Another detail worth mentioning is that a buffet-style lunch is included on today’s tour.

ha-giang (1).jpg

Day 4: Sightseeing in the Capital

Before relocating by land to the town of Ha Giang, we explore Hanoi. Highlights include the Museum of Vietnamese History, the Opera House, and the Dong Xuan Market. Hanoi is home to little streets and alleyways with food stalls, as well as restaurants squeezed up next to each other. The city vibe is one that visitors can easily feel and appreciate

Day 5: Scenic Valleys, Winding Roads & a King’s Palace

There is much to see as we relocate today by land from Ha Giang to the village of Dong Van. Firstly, we are taken to Quan Ba Heaven Gate. From there, we hike to the top to see fine views of the surrounding mountains.


Next, we are taken to the valley of Lung Tam. En route, a stop is made so we can take some nice photos of the surroundings, including the so-called Fairy Mountain. Once in the valley, we enjoy the steep and winding roads amid the beautiful landscape.

Next, we are taken to the town of Lung Tam. There we see how locals do centuries-old weaving and embroidery techniques. Afterward, we eat. Lunch is included on today’s tour.


After our meal, we are taken to Sung La Valley, home to fine scenery and local tribes. Just before reaching our final destination, Dong Van, we are taken to a village called Sa Phin. There we meet a local tribe wearing colorful attire, see traditional homes, and visit H'Mong King Palace.


After getting settled into our room, we are taken by foot to the town center. There we find traditional homes and meet tribal people. Afterward, we are taken to the town market, where we eat. Dinner is included on today’s tour. After our meal, we are taken by foot back to our hotel.


Day 6: An Authentic Outdoor Market, Tribal People & the North’s Picturesque Landscape

There is much to see as we relocate today by land from Dong Van to Ba Be National Park. If we are there on a Sunday, first we see Dong Van’s outdoor market. Just watching what is going on is an experience in itself, very culturally rich.


Once we have left Dong Van, our first destination is a scenic pass called Ma Pí Leng.


Next, we are taken to a village called Meo Vac. There we meet a local tribe wearing traditional black attire, see traditional homes, and pass by Nho Que River.


Next, we are taken to the small town of Bao Lac. There we can purchase lunch. After our meal, we are taken to our hotel, located in the area of Note that dinner is included on today’s tour, at our hotel specifically.

Day 7: A Lake Cruise, Caves, Temples & Trekking in a National Park

Before relocating back to Hanoi, there is much to see and do at Ba Be National Park. The morning starts with a boat cruise around the lake. Highlights include Puong Cave, meeting tribal people in a village called Cam Ha, An Ma Temple, and hiking to and exploring Hua Ma Cave.


The afternoon is all about trekking around the park.


Dinner to-go is included on today’s tour and is served right before leaving the park, en route to Hanoi.

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Day 8: Kayaking or Bamboo Rafting & One of Southeast Asia’s Greatest Sunset Locations

We go on a day trip today to Ha Long Bay. This is Vietnam’s most popular day trip destination…and for good reason. Ha Long Bay is arguably the country’s most naturally gifted area, along with the rice fields of the North.


Highlights today include Surprising Cave, swimming and kayaking or bamboo rafting at Titov Island, and watching the sunset (if visiting between April and September). Note that lunch is included on today’s tour, during the boat ride.

Day 9: Rice Fields, an Idyllic Boat Cruise & the Ancient City

We make another day trip today. Our first destination is the ancient capital of Vietnam, Hoa Lu. There we are provided with a guided tour of 2 temples. Lunch is included on today’s tour and is served after visiting Hoa Lu.


Next, we are driven to a river called Tam Coc. There we go on a boat cruise. The highlights are the surrounding rice fields and 3 caves. Upon returning to the dock, we take a hike to Mua Cave. Its location offers fine views of the surroundings. Lastly, we return to our hotel.


Day 10: Seeing the Best Hanoi Has to Offer

Below is the list of attractions we will try to see today.

1. Presidential Palace

2. One Pillar Pagoda

3. Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

4. Ho Tay Lake: Inside the lake, you can see a pagoda called Chua Tran Quoc.

5. Vietnam Military History Museum

6. Lotte Observation Deck

7. Hoan Kiem Lake (a.k.a. Restored Sword Lake)

8. Saint Joseph’s Cathedral

9. Ta Hien Street: This is Hanoi’s most popular street for nightlife and is otherwise home to several food stall

Day 11: Our Tour Ends This Morning

Our tour ends this morning. Hanoi is the final destination on our tour of Vietnam. Transportation will be arranged for you to reach the airport.


Phu Quoc is undoubtedly Vietnam’s most beautiful and tropical island. It is quite mountainous, densely forested, and ringed with some fine beaches. Additionally, it offers arguably the best seafood in the country. If you are interested in our tour to Phu Quoc, ask us for details. Excluding the days of arrival and departure, we recommend 2 full days there.

Would you like to extend the duration of this tour so you have some free days just to relax?

On a side note, if you want to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall, it would need to be after Ba Be National Park and before returning to Hanoi. The drive from Ba Be National Park to Ban Gioc Waterfall takes about 5.5 hours.


You go bamboo rafting close to the waterfall. Afterwards, you are taken to the nearby Tiger Cave (a.k.a. Nguom Ngao Cave). It all sounds great, but note there is a lot of driving involved. The drive from Ban Gioc Waterfall to Hanoi takes around 7 hours. We generally discourage adding this waterfall onto our standard itinerary, but we do allow it. Would you like to add Ban Gioc Waterfall and the nearby Tiger Cave? This increases the tour by 2 days.

On a final note, Phu Quoc is quite mountainous, densely forested and ringed with some fine beaches. It otherwise offers arguably the best seafood in the country. If you are interested in our tour to Phu Quoc, ask us for details. Excluding the days of arrival and departure, we recommend 2 full days there. Would you like to add a visit to Vietnam’s most beautiful and tropical island?



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