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"Real Traveler Stories:
Experiences of One Who Loves Travel"


~Jennifer R.~

"So far I have taken 2 trips through One Who Loves Travel with another booked for November. Each trip has been nothing short of amazing! Easy booking and highly organized. Every trip is so carefully planned out and packed with fun and adventure from start to finish. The best thing however, has been the new friends and memories I have made through the group travels!!!"

~Esther R.~

I have traveled with One Who Loves Travel once and it was amazing! Very well planned covering a lot of fun and adventure from start to finish. The trip also allowed me to make new great friends and awesome memories! That was the first, but far from the last one!! Thanks One Who Loves Travel for giving me such an amazing experience.

~Rosalind M.~

"Iceland March 2022, the best trip so far this year!! Experiencing such a majestic place like Iceland with 7 other women whom I just met was so rewarding in so many ways. New friendships formed, new confidences in traveling and trying new things like snowmobiling or hiking into an Ice Cave top my list. Traveling in a small group allows for you to get to know one another and to be supportive in a way that is lost in larger groups. The trip was planned out well, giving us enough time to experience Iceland as well as some down time to explore the city together. If you are looking for a trip to start with, this is it. Great food, great people and great landscapes. This tour with One Who Loves Travel will meet your expectations! Happy travels!!"

~Helen E.~

"I have taken 2 trips with on who likes to travel. One to Iceland andthe other trip was to Egypt. Both trips were absolutely amazing andbucket list worthy!!! I absolutely love that there is a female group thatyou can travel the world with. The trips were packed with beautifullandmarks and excursions. We  truly experienced once in a life timemoments. Riding camels at the pyramids, snorkeling in the Red Sea.Walking behind waterfalls in Iceland, and seeing the Northern lights.I can't wait to go on another adventure with this amazing"

~Holly B.~

Hey ladies! So glad I found this site to help me plan my traveling experience, for a lady who is very indecisive on things having the planning of events and activities done for me has helped with relaxing my brain and enjoying my trip. meeting new friends along the way is just the icing on the cake. looking forward to booking another trip.

~Jennifer P.~

"In March 2022, I went on an amazing t rip to Iceland, that wasorganized by One Who Loves Travel. Each day was well planned, wewent to so many cool places and saw such beautiful sights. This was agroup of 8 women, all (or most) of us strangers, by the end of the tripwe were all great friends! If you are interested in t raveling, as a solowoman, but do not want to travel alone, I recommend One WhoLoves Travel, you will have an amazing adventure! I am lookingforward to my next trip!"

~Cassie O.~

I took a trip to Iceland with several excursions and had the best experience ever! This goes from the planning, to actually living it out! Erica made everything super easy for me and it was a stress free vacation. I will be using her again!

~Mara S.~

Such a fun trip to WV! Loved the white water rafting and zip lining activities. Erica is super easy to work with! Looking forward to booking a future trip.

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