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Travel Tips

Travel, Accommodation, Food & More

Even if you’ve travelled the world and back, travelers should always read through my free collection of resources before going on vacation. Whether before, during, or after your trip, you’ll find everything travel-related - from local knowledge to the latest tips - right here. Contact me to schedule a meeting and I’ll be happy to guide you myself.

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Duffle Bag
Wandering Traveler

How to Pack Lighter, Smarter, & Faster

Travel Bucket List Ideas

How to Save Money While Traveling

I regularly provide travelers with news and useful information to help make their trips as enjoyable as possible. These articles are very helpful for travelers, regardless of their destination. Some of the most recent pieces include Packing Essentials 101: Travel Light, Travel Prepared and 10 Ways to Save Money While Traveling. Check out my full collection of resources and travel better!

Image by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz

Best places for solo female travel

NYC Skyline BW

American Cities for the Ultimate Girls’ Trip


Cheapest Cities To Visit In The USA

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